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Top Things To Do In Oak Lawn

The Francis Toby Anderson Park park situated in cook county is the tourist attraction of Oak lawn. Though its a park but it is equally enjoyable for adults too. There are a variety of fun things to do at Francis Toby Anderson Park like there are many swings, splash zone, zip line swing, and many other picturesque spots that make it a complete picnic place. This is the place that brings out the child in you and makes you forget about all the hustle of the city life for a while and let you wander in nature.


Visiting Francis Toby Ander Park is a great recreational activity to enjoy with your kids. The place has various facilities designed especially for kids, be it the splash pads, climbing area, where children not only learn but develop extracurricular skills. Not only kids but the place is equally enjoyable for adults too. They can walk on the soft fake grass to soothe their feet and let themselves wonder in nature. The place comes with basic amenities like portable washrooms, parking space, wheelchair accessibility, they have specially designed umbrella tables in the splash zone for the parents, also they have drinking water taps on the property.


To conclude, Francis Toby Anderson Park is your perfect getaway from your busy life and makes a perfect family picnic spot.


As Francis Toby Anderson Park is a tourist attraction, you shouldn’t find it difficult to find the location but here are few tips that will help you get faster. The place is just a next stop from the Hometown Police Department and Hometown Fire Protection District. The location falls on the left side of Art Clay World 4535 SW Hwy, Oak Lawn, IL, 60453 and just within some meters of distance you will find Oak Lawn Spartan Athletic Complex, Oak Lawn, IL, 60453.


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They are situated at 10331 S Kostner Ave, Oak Lawn, IL 60453 and you can even call them on 708-938-3211 on their 24/7 customer support number. Or reach onto them via their website